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        BST Gas Lift Valves       

BST manufactures the following types of gas lift valves and related equipment: 

  Wireline retrievable nitrogen charged injection or production controlled valves (GLV-1.0R, GLVF-1.0R, GLV-1.5R, GLFV-1.5R, BR-20)

  Pilot valves (PV2-1.0R, WFM-14R, PV-1.5R)

  Orifice valves (OV-1.0R, OV-1.5R),

dummy valves (DV-1.0R, DV-1.5R)

  Equalizing dummy valves (EDV-1.0R, EDV-1.5R)

  Equalizing standing valves (ESV Series) and "A" type seating nipples

        All BST valves conform to API Spec 11V1, where applicable.       

All BST gas lift valves are manufactured to very close tolerances that are controlled by Engineering drawings and specifications.  All parts are inspected by both the machine operators and Quality Assurance before being used in assemblies.  All final assemblies are aged and tested before shipping.

BST gas lift bellows assemblies are silver brazed by an API recommended induction welding system, 100% leak tested, and then hydraulically preset to length.  Some of the quality features of BST's bellows assemblies include the following:

  Maximum travel stops to prevent the bellows from being extended or compressed farther than required.

 Silicone damping fluid to internally lubricate the bellows assembly and minimize any throttling effects.

  Wire wraps on the first three convolutions of each end of the brazed bellows to produce center flexing of bellows and reduce stress at brazed joints.

  An internal bellows guidance device to prevent or reduce squirming of the bellows.

BST's standard material for all valves is 17-4 PH stainless steel.  The standard bellows is three-ply monel with laser welded end burrs; a two-ply inconel bellows is used in some types.  Viton O-rings are standard, with Aflas optional.  Monel and other premium materials are available upon special request.  Neoprene V-packing with Kevlar rovings is standard, with Viton or Aflas optional.  BST can also provide repair and resize kits for all of its valves.

BST also manufactures many standard sizes of equalizing standing valves and "A" type seating nipples with many sizes and types of end connections and seal bore sizes.

Every part manufactured at BST Lift Systems has traceability maintained to original mill certifications, and each part and assembly is marked with a traceable code.

BST products provide trouble free operation and long life.

All products listed are currently available from BST Lift Systems.  Please contact us for details.

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