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"A" Seating Nipples

Equalizing Standing Valves and "A" Seating Nipples

Equalizing Standing Valves (ESV's) consist of a ball and seat mounted in a packing housing.  The packing housing has equalizing ports (located below the ball and seat) that are sealed off by O-rings.  When it is desired to pull the standing valve, upward jarring shears a brass pin that secures the equalizing sleeve to the running head.  The equalizing sleeve is easily jarred upward, opening the equalizing ports and allowing pressure to equalize between the tubing or chamber and the area below the valve.  The standing valve can then be pulled from the seating nipple and removed to the surface.

"A" Type Seating Nipples are precision nipple containing a fine finished seal bore to accept and seal standing valves.  They are offered in a wide range of connection sizes and types that are compatible with the associated tubing string, and in a large selection of bore sizes for most popular standing valves sizes.


Standing valves and companion seating nipples are normally used in intermitting or chamber lift wells in the bottom of the tubing or chamber.  The seating nipple is an integral part of the tubing string.  The standing valve seats on the NO-GO of the seating nipple and seals in the finished bore of the nipple to prevent produced fluid from flowing back into the well bore when high pressure gas is injected under a slug of fluid. 

BST Lift Systems manufactures a complete line of matching seating nipples and standing valves in most popular sizes.

All products listed are currently available from BST Lift Systems.  Please contact us for details.

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