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Gas Lift Valves

Wireline retrievable nitrogen charged injection or production controlled valves (GLV-1.0R, GLVF-1.0R, GLV-1.5R), pilot valves (PV-1.0R, PV-1.5R), orifice valves (OV-1.0R, OV-1.5R), dummy valves (DV-1.0R, DV-1.5R).  BST's valves conform to API Spec 11V1.


Wireline retrievable top latches (BK-2, K-1.0, RK, K-1.5, R, RA, T-1.0, T-1.5, EBK-2, KE-1.0).  BST's latches conform to API Spec 11V1.

Gas Lift Mandrels

Sidepocket gas lift mandrels (with S, E, C, or W porting), with 1" or 1" pockets, standard latch profiles, 2-3/8" to 5" end connections (blank, API 5B, or premium threads), 4130 or premium materials, low or high heat treat for H2S or  standard service.  BST's mandrels conform to API Spec 11V1.


Adjustable flow control valves (B1, B1.5, B2, BE2.75, BEL2.75, B1HTG, replacements for Willis M1) with stainless steel or tungsten carbide trim.  Positive in-line chokes with stainless steel, tungsten carbide, or ceramic orifices.  BST's chokes conform to API Spec 6A.

Chemical Injection Equipment

Wireline (CIV-1.0R and CIVN-1.5R) and tubing (CICV-1.0N) retrievable

Water Flood Equipment

1" and 1" valves (WFR-1.0R, WFR-1.5RBF,), surface constant rate controller (CRC1), mandrels.

Chamber Lift Equipment

Injection & vent valves, side pocket mandrels, standing valves, chambers, etc.

Oilfield Automation

Timers, motor valves, accessories

Other Products

Y-tools, pocket packoff tools, repair and replacement kits for valves and chokes

Repair Services

BST & competitor choke & gas lift valve & mandrel repair, rebuilding, and testing.  BST's repair and testing facilities and procedures conform to API RP 11V7.

Gas lift and flow control are what BST does!

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