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BST's PV-1.5R pilot operated valve is used for intermittent gas lift applications.  This valve incorporates two sections within the single housing:  a pilot section and a power section.  A three-ply monel bellows, charged with nitrogen gas, provides the force necessary to maintain the pilot section in a normally closed position.  A compression spring maintains the power section in a normally closed position.  The power section is dependent on the pilot section to allow injection gas pressure to reach the power section.  A two-stage reverse flow check is incorporated as an integral part of the PV-1.5R.

The PV-1.5R valve has the ability to rapidly inject a large volume of injection gas for intermittent flow.  The injection gas first enters the pilot section and compresses the bellows, which lifts the stem tip off the seat and directs pressure to the power section.  This opens the power section and injects gas through the larger (full 36/64" diameter) ported power section.  When the annular injection pressure draws down and closes the small ported pilot section, the power spring then closes the master port.

This valve is used for unloading and intermittent gas lift operation, and is available with pilot port sizes from 12/64ths to 32/64ths.

The PV-1.5R can be used with any 1" top latch (RK, K-1.5, R, RA, etc.) for use in standard side pocket gas lift mandrels with a 1" pocket.

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