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BST's OV-1.0R wireline retrievable 1" single point orifice injection gas lift valve is used for continuous flow application.  The flow of injection gas from the casing annulus passes through the orifice and into the tubing.  A reverse flow check is included as an integral feature.

Injection gas enters the valve through the external ports between the valve packing set and travels through the square edged orifice, through the flow check valve and into the production conduit.

The flow check valve uses a dual seating system, with an elastomeric primary seal and a metal-to-metal backup as pressure increases.

Features include:

 Standard construction of 17-4 PH stainless steel, with monel and other premium materials optional.

 Replaceable orifice, available in sizes from 8/64ths to 24/64ths.

  Integral check valve.

  Wireline retrievable, using BK-2, K-1.0, or similar top latches.


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