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BST's BR-20 is a wireline retrievable gas lift valve that may be used for either continuous or intermittent gas lift production.  It is actuated by injection pressure and is available in a wide range of port sizes.  It may be used in a wide variety of side pocket mandrels, allowing either tubing flow or casing flow.  The 1½" diameter BR-20 accepts BST's K-1.5 latch, the RK latch, the R or RA latches, and BST's Trimline™ T-1.5 latch.

Standard Features:

•  Used in either continuous or intermittent applications.

•  Increased dome volume for non-throttling operation.

•  Compatible with all manufacturers' side pocket mandrels (BST, Weatherford, Schlumberger, etc.).

•  Accepts all standard top latches (K-1.5, RK, R, RA, T-1.5, etc.).

•  3-ply Monel bellows (externally wrapped) with internal 2-way overtravel protection.

•  Corrosion resistent stainless steel construction, with premium materials optional.

•  Replaceable seat and tungsten carbide stem.

•  Wide range of port sizes (12/64ths to 32/64ths).

•  Positive metal to elastomer backcheck with metal to metal backup.



 The BR-20 is BST's version of the R-20, with interchangeable parts and assembliles.

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