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BE2.75 and BEL2.75 Series:  Field serviceable with a hammer - trim change out in 15 minutes.

BST's advanced modular design and rugged, state of the art materials set the new standard in flow control choke performance.  Unique, modular design allows safe change out of the entire trim module in less than fifteen minutes, and allows full calibration without being assembled to the body.  Dual, stepped environmental seals safely vent all trapped pressure before bonnet can be disassembled.  The extra long seat of the BEL model protects the choke body from critical downstream cavitation and incorporates a seat wear indicator to warn of excessive erosion before the body can be damaged.  17-4 PH stainless steel is used in all critical flow areas.  Optional tungsten carbide wear inserts can be provided for highly erosive conditions.  Space age lubricants eliminate stem to bonnet thread galling.  The choke body and bonnet are made of tough 4130 chrome-moly alloy steel.  Self-energized Teflon packing creates a bubble tight stem seal with unequalled chemical resistance and long life.  BST's BE2.75 and BEL2.75 series chokes meet all requirements of API Spec 6A and NACE MR-01-75, and provide all of the same high quality features you've come to expect from BST's products.  As always, BST makes it rugged but simple for you safety and ease of operation.  The BEL2.75 is used extensively offshore in the environmentally sensitive Santa Barbara Channel of California.



  Standard 5,000 psi working pressure.

  Trim size:  2.75" (larger than 3" Sch 160 pipe ID).

  Trim material:  17-4 PH stainless steel, with tungsten carbide optional.

  End connections:  API 6B or ANSI B16.5 flanges, clamp type hub connectors, buttweld, or API 5B linepipe/NPT female threads.

  Standard Viton O-rings (arctic rated or Aflas O-rings optional).

  Stem completely retracts from flow stream in fully open position.

  Highly visible position indicator calibrated in 64ths of an inch.

  Seat erosion tattletale protects body from damage.

  Positive stem adjustment lock.

  Grease fitting to lubricate stem threads.

  4130 chrome-moly steel body and bonnet.

  Stainless steel internal parts.

  Self-energized Teflon packing creates bubble tight, chemically resistant, long life seal.

  Easily tuned for precise adjustment.

  Contact BST Engineering for standard centerline to flange face dimensions.

  Designed and manufactured in compliance with API Spec 6A.

  Suitable for NACE MR-01-75 applications.

  Standard temperature range (with Viton O-rings):  -20F to +400F (to 500F with Aflas O-rings and pressure derating per ANSI B16.5).


  To calculate liquid flow through a BE2.75 choke, click here.

  To calculate gas flow through a BE2.75 choke, click here.



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