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Since 1981, BST Lift Systems has been designing innovative new tools for the oil production industry, specializing in gas lift products.  Our in-house engineering and prototype machining capabilities can provide functional results in less time than some other companies would take to give you a quote.

We have worked with production engineers and other oil country professionals around the world to meet specialized requirements for non-standard conditions, always complying with the current requirements of applicable API specifications and recommended practices.

Some of our unique equipment includes the following:

•  A coiled tubing side pocket gas lift mandrel capable of being spooled into a well, along with compatible wireline retrievable latches and valves.

  A coiled tubing concentric mandrel capable of being spooled under pressure without killing the well, along with a compatible, wireline retrievable, spoolable dummy and a compatible, wireline retrievable valve carrier (using conventional style gas lift valves).

  ACV™ and OptiPro™ insert chamber pump and gas submersible pump (GSP) systems to maximize oil production and minimize bottomhole tubing pressure.  Includes new, wireline retrievable, multi-function valves.

  Pocket pack-off tools (PPT) to isolate tubing from casing in eroded side pocket mandrel pocket vent areas.

  Ceramic flow sleeves for highly erosive sand-filled high velocity gas flow in positive in-line chokes.

If you have special equipment requirements that no one else wants to touch, or new, innovative designs that you'd like to develop, why not talk to our engineering staff to find out if BST Lift Systems can help.  Our development and prototyping prices are reasonable, and we will carefully protect your intellectual property.

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