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BST BT-2000 Electronic Timer

BST's BT-2000 advanced intermittent gas lift and plunger lift time controller is the result of many years of electronic and mechanical engineering knowledge.  It is designed and built to be used in the real gas producing world.

Setting or reading any function is very simple.  Just press the MENU key to start any set or read function.  Pressing the MENU key again will scroll through the options.  The ENTER key will select the option that is displayed on the screen.

The timer is powered by four easily obtainable "D" size alkaline batteries.  The current settings will remain for 30 seconds after the batteries are removed, allowing time to change the batteries.  After 30 seconds, the timer loses the current settings and reverts to the factory default settings.  The batteries are easily accessible in the of the front cover.

The tough, lockable plastic case is sealed against rain and dust, and the hinged cover has snap lever type closures.  The case and all internal parts are designed to function in most temperature extremes.

The warrantee is for 2 full years after the manufacturer's dated serial number, and covers manufacturing defects only.  Damage caused by reversed battery polarity, gun shot holes, immersion in water or oil, or any misuse of the timer is not covered by the warrantee.


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