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BST's B2 flow control chokes are easy to repair by replacing the trim module and associated parts without removing the choke body from the wellhead or flow line. 

The unique trim module assembly can be removed as a unit, and a new or factory rebuilt module (with a new seat, stem, and all seals) installed in just a few minutes, greatly minimizing down time.

All complete trim repair and resizing kits include a matched stem and seat, two PTFE jacketed self-energized seals to seal the stem to the bonnet, and the two Viton O-rings required to seal the bonnet to the body and the seat to the body.  You can calculate the liquid or gas flow for any trim size (or percentage thereof) at BST's flow calculator web pages.

All kits and parts offered on this page are rated for both standard (sweet) and H2S (sour) oil and gas service per NACE MR-01-75.  Viton O-rings are standard, with Aflas as a premium option.

Contact BST Sales for price and delivery of B2 kits and parts.

B2 Angle Body Chokes - 2" Stainless Steel

(Cage is integral with seat)


Description Kit Part Number
O-Rings & Seals Only 2-083-3268-001
Seal Hardware Only (Spacer Rings & Retaining Ring) 2-083-3268-002
Stem & Seat Only 2-083-3268-003
Complete Repair Kit (Stem & Seat, All Seals, O-Rings, & Hardware) 2-083-3268-004
Complete Kit w/o Seal Spacer Rings 2-083-3268-005

B2 Common Parts & Accessories

Description Part Number
Body, Angle, 2" FNPT Threaded 3-020-3154-000
Body, Angle, 2" Buttweld Sch 160 3-020-3150-001
Body, Angle, 3" Buttweld Sch 160 3-020-3150-011
Trim Module Assembly with 2" S.S. Trim 2-093-3153-000
Handle 3-021-0337-003
Viton O-Ring for Seat to Body Seal 3-012-0395-333
Viton O-Ring for Bonnet to Body Seal 3-012-0395-335
Seal Retaining Ring 3-004-0555-200
Thumb (Lock) Screw 3-004-0642-000
Nut Retaining Ring 3-004-0656-325
Seal Spacer Ring (2 required) 3-051-0822-000
Set Screw (3 required) 3-004-1136-055
Set Screw (4 required) 3-004-1136-064
Self-energized Seal (2 required) 3-026-1354-000
Positioning Sleeve 3-014-1662-000
Indicator Cap 3-040-1663-003
PTFE Backup Ring for Seat Seal 3-051-2105-333
PTFE Backup Ring for Bonnet Seal 3-051-2105-335
Molypaste Lubricant (1 Pt Container) 3-053-2836-000
Grease Fitting 3-045-2872-000
Packing Gland (Bonnet) 3-056-3098-000
Ported 2" S.S. Seat 3-017-3099-001
2" S.S. Stem Assembly 2-015-3100-003
Nut Retaining Washer 3-003-3102-000
2" Hammer Wing Nut 3-004-3124-000
Nylon Lock Insert 3-063-1653-002


  Bodies with welded flanges or clamp type hubs are special order items; contact BST factory for information.

 Trim module assemblies with tungsten carbide stems and seats and separate tungsten carbide stems and seats can also be ordered; contact the factory for part numbers and availability (special order items).

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